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Reading book – A good habit for kids

I remember when I was a kid reading storybooks and comics was very common in kids. We did not have so many gadgets and channels. Nowadays, hard paperback books are replaced by online versions. But still reading books has its own charm and can be very engaging. With COVID 19 making everybody stay at home, introducing kids into this habit can be a beautiful way of engaging them.
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Make bread interesting…

With the onset of COVID 19, we have all the members of the family confined within homes. Schools are closed and corporate are working from home. We cannot go out anywhere and all vacations are canceled. “I am feeling bored” “What will I have for lunch/dinner” and so on. These are the most common cribbing in our households now. This leads to a new challenge of engaging the kids and making food interesting. While I will share some doses on engaging the kids with my posts in parenting and well-being, I will also help you in making the regular cuisine more interesting.
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Dealing with my cuddly chatterbox

“Mummy, you know what my friend did today? …..” And my chatterbox will go on and on once she is back from school. Sometimes I lose my patience and sometimes I manage to listen to her patiently till she remembers that she is hungry 🙂 While my elder one has always been a quiet kid, the younger is just the opposite.
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Real Detox water for flat belly

Most of us have read about and may have consumed different types of detox water. It is made by soaking different healthy fruits and vegetables in water for 2-8 hours. Did you realize that all the advantages that are called out for detox water are advantages of water!!! Detoxifies your body Balances your pH Improves your complexion Instead, why not have detox water which will have an added advantage.
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A walk with nature

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. For going out… is really going in.” –John Muir   First dose…. Let’s spend some time with nature daily. Every moment with nature is filled with surprises. But we have a tendency to ignore it most of the times.   Have you ever tried to? Move with the butterfly leaf to leaf, flower to flower, plant to plant… Run your eyes through the water flowing cris-crossing through pebbles, stones, trenches… Observe a squirrel as it climbs up and down on trees, moves here and there… Feel the breeze as it sways around making the trees dance to its tunes…   Let’s try to have that keen eye to observe the tiny intricacies.   A daily walk with nature will broaden our view and help us to see life in a better way, will help us not to worry
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Dealing with teenagers

Teenagers go through a lot of experiences the first time in their life with full consciousness. Hence, it’s obvious that most of the times they do not know how to react in certain situations. This makes them confused and sometimes agitated. As they are in the cusp of childhood and adulthood, they feel they know everything better than others and they are right in their reaction while they are not most of the time. Moreover, they do not prefer to open up to their parents anymore, they become closer to their friends.
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Miracle of a dash of flavor

The feeling of “We want to have something different today” is very common across the world. But we do not want to spend much effort to fulfill this feeling of ours as well. Here’s an easy alternative… Add a dash of flavor in your daily bread. May be little cinnamon powder, spinach paste, crushed garlic. Twist the chronology of ingredients in your curry or side dish. Change the way you add your ingredients, like add fried onion instead of raw ones. Add dash of flavor, may be a dollop of butter, a sprinkle of oregano, few leaves of mint, few drops of lemon or a pinch saffron does the miracle. In fact, have you ever tried adding a pinch of sugar in a salty dish or vice versa? The change of taste will surprise you.
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