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Lively nail art with stickers

Want salon-quality nail art at home? Use nail stickers!!! It is the easiest way to make your nails designs beautiful and enviable. Nail stickers are the best resort even if you have shaky hands for applying nail polish. Not all of us have the time or skill to do intricate nail art. Applying stickers is the best resort in such a situation. It is fast and easy!!! A good nail sticker can make all nail designs lively! Here is Nikki guiding you through the basic steps required to apply stickers with a simple design. This will help you understand the process, and then you can wander with your imagination and realize them on your nails.     You can also buy the stickers online. Etsy , Amazon , and Flipkart have quite a good variety of collection of stickers.   And a few more ideas for you… 20 cute nail
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simple and easy nail art at home

Dotted Ombre Nail Art Design

The art and design on your nails reflect your choice, preference, and mood as well. It depicts your personality.
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OMBRE nail design – Elevate your look!!!

Plain single shades are out of style now. Why settle for single shades when you can look more elegant by adding just one more shade?
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Polka dots – Make a point

Want to catch attention instantly? Then decorate your nails!!! Paint your nails to match your mood, attire, occasion, or season. Paint it funky or paint it elegant and stand out in the crowd. Let us try the polka dots to decorate your nails. These designs are easy to do, and you can create unique designs of your own.
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Take care of your nails

When it comes to taking care of yourself, nails normally get overlooked. Before we start instructing you about nail art, let us pay some attention to the nails and keep them healthy and strong.
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