What’s cooking?

Are you a foodie?

Are you a health freak?

Do you like entertaining guests?

If the answer is yes, then you are right ON for trying out cooking yourself!!!

Why not take up cooking as a hobby?

It is one of the cheapest, fastest to start off hobby which gives you lots and lots of choices.

Are you thinking about how to start off?

There is an abundance of resources that will help you start off. Just start small with whatever you have in your kitchen and try simple recipes like an omelet or poached egg, or salad or soup. Make them the usual way first and then start exploring.

You can refer Kitchen Basics to help you start off …

Few things to keep in mind while you begin:

  • Ensure you have all the tools and ware required, available with you. If you do not have you would get demotivated.
  • Ensure you have all the ingredients available
  • Learn to operate the tool ( be it oven or whipper) before you start. Do not assume that its easy to use and you can learn while you are cooking.
  • You should not be either hungry or very full while cooking. If you are hungry you will hurry up to finish and the dish may not turn out to be as good as it should. In the same way, if you are too full, you would not feel like eating or cooking.
  • Avoid processed ingredients as much as possible. Try to make them.
  • Be focused on the dish while cooking
  • And of course, it should be a dish which you think you will enjoy.

Do take care of these small things and you will just love cooking.

If you cook yourself at home, it benefits you in many ways…

  • Home-cooked food is always healthier than eating outside. You have control over the amount of fat and spices that you use. You will also use good quality ingredients.
  • Homemade pizza or burgers is much healthier than any McDonald’s or Domino.
  • Cooking at home is hygienic.
  • You can really explore a lot and make the dish customized to your taste.
  • You will become a popular host and guests will love your parties.
  • If you are a parent, kids are just going to love you for your dishes. You can even involve them while cooking and they are going to love being with you.
  • If you are a health freak, you can make tasty food which is healthy as well. Rather than relying on cereals or salads only.
  • The most important fact is that cooking reduces stress a lot as you tend to forget other things while cooking.

Its one of the most satisfying hobbies one can have!!!

Cooking makes you respect the people who cook for you, and it makes you value the food that you have.

So if you need a break, or you want to eat healthily or you want to tickle your taste buds, go ahead and indulge yourself in creating a dish for yourself. Who knows, you may end up becoming a CHEF!!!


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