Easy Nail Art

simple and easy nail art at home

Beautiful nails are a precious gift to be treasured and cared for.

The history of manicuring goes as far as 4000 years ago. In ancient times ladies used to use henna juice and other vegetable dyes to decorate their nails.

The use of nail polish started around the 1920s by Hollywood actresses. This soon became commercially available. The deep color polishes like “Cardinal Red” were produces during the 1930s by Charles Revson and his partners. Revlon Inc. the company formed by them continues to be a leading brand for nail polish and other cosmetics. Painted nails became a signature of fashion for modern women in no time.

In the last few decades as we saw the availability of a variety of colors and unusual colors in nail polishes, we started seeing fashions and innovations in nail art,

Nail art as a fashion as well as a profession has seen a steep growth to the extent that Nail Olympics is held in Las Vegas every year.

So here we are with some easy nail art designs to enable you to do nail art yourself. We will be having a series of DIY sessions with each session showing some easy techniques of nail art.

Your instructor for these sessions will be Suryasnata (popularly known as Nikki and that is how I too will be addressing her).

Nikki is a homemaker and is the mother of a handsome 5-year old. She started experimenting with nail art just out of curiosity and developed an interest in nail art. As she explored the techniques, she got the necessary tools and started practicing. And now she has a gallery of designs to showcase!!!

Coming up, in the first session, we show you learn easy nail art designs with polka dots.

Happy Nail arting 🙂

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