We for Us


Wow !! So many wishes from women to themselves? While it’s a feeling of joy and pride that we are women. It makes me ponder, is it a celebration of joy? Or a resurrection is a need of the hour?

Looking back, the concept of women’s day started in early 1900 with a revolt by women for better pay and the right to vote. From those times, the fight for equal rights has continued in different forms and phases and continues even today.

We have women in professions like astronauts, formula car racers, mountaineers, but is the presence significant enough?

We have women in leadership positions now, but how many of them?

We have women in the armed forces, but do we know how many challenges they face to prove themselves?

Most of the women are educated and are professionals now, but do they feel safe working late outside the home?

Harvard has an impressive male-female ratio of 51% v/s 49%, but do you know more than 30% of females after passing out of Harvard drop out in the middle of their career?

Yes, we have come a long way, which gives us a good enough reason to celebrate.

But, as we celebrate we have to look forward as we still have a long way to go.

We have to work for Us, to make ourselves better.


In lot of situations, the reason behind the oppression of a woman is another woman! Why not we stop torturing ourselves?

Women are mentally and morally stronger than men. Why not each of us nurtures and improvises our strengths?

Why not stop talking about equality with men? This shows that we believe we are not equal, right?

We have to work for Us, till we do not have to celebrate Women’s day!

Till we celebrate, we are acknowledging gender bias.


Think about “We for Us” and try to work towards it in your own capacity. That will make a big difference in all our lives.

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