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We for Us

  Wow !! So many wishes from women to themselves? While it’s a feeling of joy and pride that we are women. It makes me ponder, is it a celebration of joy? Or a resurrection is a need of the hour?
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Tiny love stories – Realization

“Would he really remember?” I thought. It was Valentine’s day. As every woman would think of it, I too hoped that my husband would wish me and may have a surprise as well!
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Tiny love stories – Batchmate

It was my first day of college. College brings a new dimension of freedom to teenagers with new friends and a fun-filled environment. As I entered the classroom, I found a few of my school friends as well! I felt good that I would not feel lonely.
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Tiny love stories – The bench

I just had a breakup. I did not have a job; my girlfriend had left me for someone else. It was a bad one and had left me shattered. That day I was sitting on the bench in the park near my house, sad and sulky.
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Tiny love stories – Wrong connection

That day while I was calling different clients, I dialed the wrong number.
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Love and be loved

As we near one of the most celebrated “day” of the year across the world, “Valentine’s day”! I thought, why not have some insight into the root cause of this celebration! Love!!!
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Nail Art with a beautiful combination

Now you would have got a feel of salon-quality nail art at home, right? So, let us now explore more with nail stickers!!!
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Happy New Year 2021!

I had a full fun night yesterday on New Year’s Eve, and the celebration to welcome the New Year continues. Before I go into forget the past and look ahead to the future mode, I just thought to write this blog post.
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The evergreen Christmas tree

It is Christmas time! It is time for bells, carols, mistletoe, lights, gifts, plum cakes, and of course the Christmas tree. Decorating a Christmas tree is an in-dismissible tradition during Christmas.
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Festivals of light around the world

Wherever you go, festivals of light are for one and all.
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