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The celebration of the birth of immortal – Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the day we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. For the last 5100 and odd years, the birth of Krishna is being celebrated. But is Krishna ever born?
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Freedom. Really?

It’s the 75th Independence Day. I did not have any plan to pen down my thoughts, but a lot of things happening around me made me wonder. So, I couldn’t help but capture it. Today, I watched a reality show where the army men, the protectors of our country, were so filled with pride when they were telling how they fought for our country. There was so much respect and gratitude in everybody’s eyes for them. But I realized it is only on Independence Day and republic day that we remember the armed forces and the freedom fighters. And then again, we go on to lead our selfish and self-centered life. Our whole life we think of our career, property, and money. And that we do in the name of our family, we say we are saving and earning money for our near and dear ones for their safe future.
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We for Us

  Wow !! So many wishes from women to themselves? While it’s a feeling of joy and pride that we are women. It makes me ponder, is it a celebration of joy? Or a resurrection is a need of the hour?
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Tiny love stories – Realization

“Would he really remember?” I thought. It was Valentine’s day. As every woman would think of it, I too hoped that my husband would wish me and may have a surprise as well!
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Tiny love stories – Batchmate

It was my first day of college. College brings a new dimension of freedom to teenagers with new friends and a fun-filled environment. As I entered the classroom, I found a few of my school friends as well! I felt good that I would not feel lonely.
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Tiny love stories – The bench

I just had a breakup. I did not have a job; my girlfriend had left me for someone else. It was a bad one and had left me shattered. That day I was sitting on the bench in the park near my house, sad and sulky.
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Tiny love stories – Wrong connection

That day while I was calling different clients, I dialed the wrong number.
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Love and be loved

As we near one of the most celebrated “day” of the year across the world, “Valentine’s day”! I thought, why not have some insight into the root cause of this celebration! Love!!!
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Nail Art with a beautiful combination

Now you would have got a feel of salon-quality nail art at home, right? So, let us now explore more with nail stickers!!!
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Happy New Year 2021!

I had a full fun night yesterday on New Year’s Eve, and the celebration to welcome the New Year continues. Before I go into forget the past and look ahead to the future mode, I just thought to write this blog post.
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