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Love your life series III – Groom Bright

A night of good sleep and nutritious food will make you healthy. How about looking bright as well?
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Lively nail art with stickers

Want salon-quality nail art at home? Use nail stickers!!! It is the easiest way to make your nails designs beautiful and enviable. Nail stickers are the best resort even if you have shaky hands for applying nail polish. Not all of us have the time or skill to do intricate nail art. Applying stickers is the best resort in such a situation. It is fast and easy!!! A good nail sticker can make all nail designs lively! Here is Nikki guiding you through the basic steps required to apply stickers with a simple design. This will help you understand the process, and then you can wander with your imagination and realize them on your nails.     You can also buy the stickers online. Etsy , Amazon , and Flipkart have quite a good variety of collection of stickers.   And a few more ideas for you… 20 cute nail
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What’s cooking?

Are you a foodie? Are you a health freak? Do you like entertaining guests? If the answer is yes, then you are right ON for trying out cooking yourself!!! Why not take up cooking as a hobby? It is one of the cheapest, fastest to start off hobby which gives you lots and lots of choices. Are you thinking about how to start off? There is an abundance of resources that will help you start off. Just start small with whatever you have in your kitchen and try simple recipes like an omelet or poached egg, or salad or soup. Make them the usual way first and then start exploring. You can refer Kitchen Basics to help you start off … Few things to keep in mind while you begin: Ensure you have all the tools and ware required, available with you. If you do not have you would get demotivated. Ensure
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Celebrating the sense of independence

We Indians got freedom from a long stretch of imperialism 73 years ago. Though colonialism bid adieu to us long back the habit of being followers still lingers within us.
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Mother and Son – the connection

It is OK for a girl to be a “Daddy’s girl,” but it is not OK for a boy to be a “Momma’s boy.”
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The fascinating Brother Sister bond

At home: Mummy, he is beating me… Daddy, she is scolding me…
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simple and easy nail art at home

Dotted Ombre Nail Art Design

The art and design on your nails reflect your choice, preference, and mood as well. It depicts your personality.
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easy ways to eat healthy

Improve your kid’s eating habits

What do I cook for meals? This is a lingering thought I have constantly.
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healthy way of eating

Small moves can be adapted into diet

We are very aversive to diet plans as most of the time it forces us to refrain from the food, we love to have. Normally diet plans look very boring and tasteless. We force ourselves to start with the plan, but after a short period, we are not able to follow it. Point to note is that anything we are forced to do does not persist. Hence, I will suggest some small changes, which will not compel you to change your diet but will have significant benefits.
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healthy eating habits

Start a healthy way of eating

Healthy eating is not only having a nutritious diet, but also the way you eat. It involves your mealtimes as well as eating habits. Let us see how we can improve your health without changing your diet. You can easily do this by taking these small steps.
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