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About your daily doser

Yet another lifestyle blog? Similar topics to talk about?

Well yes, similar topics but in a different flavor, from a different perspective.

Every day we have so many different experiences, but we do not pay heed to it and tend to miss very important truths and facts. My goal is to make you aware of these facts to make you start loving your life and keep loving it across different phases of it.

Very small, common and easy efforts to help you stay healthy, have a happy family, look better and eat better.

I am Shabnam Choudhury, your daily doser.

Who am I?

When you see me from the closet of a window?

I am very hazy.

The closer you come

The more I open up.

As the drop of dew on a petal

I jovially freshen up my surroundings.

I am Shabnam and Shabnam is me !!!

This is my story in a snapshot. The word “Shabnam” means “a drop of dew”.

I was an introvert in my childhood, could not express my feeling to others. I was the only child of my parents and hence had no siblings. That’s when I started writing to express myself and my feelings. In the course of time, though I crossed the borders and overcame my shyness, writing became my habit. I am now a software professional managing multiple teams and project deliveries. I continue writing and painting in my leisure.

Being in the corporate world and being a mother of two has showered me with a lot of experiences of life which prompted me to start blogging and converse and connect with all of my readers.

Hope my small daily doses add spice to your life 🙂

Please share your experiences…
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