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Holding the pencil – Enhance your drawing

Do you want to draw a small line or shape with precision? Or you want to draw a long line or a larger curve at one stretch? Or do you want to draw a hazy line for shading?
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Understand the shadow

You have drawn properly yet; the object is not realistic? Is the three-dimensional effect not showing up? The reason could be the shade of the object. While lines and curves create proportions, the shades create the form of the objects.
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Freehand – Draw lines and curves

First, I want to apologize for coming back to you after a gap longer than expected. Too many things to do at a time 🙁 Hope by now you all have gained expertise in shading. If you are having any questions, please comment on the last post and I will respond back. You can also share what you have tried by mailing to [email protected].  
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Shading – Give life to shapes

Shading gives life to your line drawings. You can transform a circle to a ball or orange by adding light and shadow to it. The most important factor to do effective shading is to understand the behavior of light. I will explain to you how to understand the behavior of light when we shade a full object. In this session, we will focus on the other factors which are Use Pressure control to create different shades. How to shade smoothly?
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