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An innovative way to engage our kids

A couple of years back, it was the time of the year when I did a cleaning of my home. The session was over for the kids, and vacations were on. They would start their new standards after a couple of months.
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Mother and Son – the connection

It is OK for a girl to be a “Daddy’s girl,” but it is not OK for a boy to be a “Momma’s boy.”
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The fascinating Brother Sister bond

At home: Mummy, he is beating me… Daddy, she is scolding me…
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easy ways to eat healthy

Improve your kid’s eating habits

What do I cook for meals? This is a lingering thought I have constantly.
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Help your child sleep better

Do you know when your child wants to be with you most?
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Handling possessive kids

Toddler siblings: “Mummy this doll is mine; I will not give it to sister” Toddler Friends: “This is my car. You cannot play with it.” Adolescent siblings: “How can you wear my dress?”
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Reading book – A good habit for kids

I remember when I was a kid reading storybooks and comics was very common in kids. We did not have so many gadgets and channels. Nowadays, hard paperback books are replaced by online versions. But still reading books has its own charm and can be very engaging. With COVID 19 making everybody stay at home, introducing kids into this habit can be a beautiful way of engaging them.
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Dealing with my cuddly chatterbox

“Mummy, you know what my friend did today? …..” And my chatterbox will go on and on once she is back from school. Sometimes I lose my patience and sometimes I manage to listen to her patiently till she remembers that she is hungry 🙂 While my elder one has always been a quiet kid, the younger is just the opposite.
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Dealing with teenagers

Teenagers go through a lot of experiences the first time in their life with full consciousness. Hence, it’s obvious that most of the times they do not know how to react in certain situations. This makes them confused and sometimes agitated. As they are in the cusp of childhood and adulthood, they feel they know everything better than others and they are right in their reaction while they are not most of the time. Moreover, they do not prefer to open up to their parents anymore, they become closer to their friends.
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