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Essentials of self-grooming

Beauty is not just about makeup and appearance. The real beauty is in the way you carry yourself. Your attitude, your body language, your behavior, your attire, and the way you present yourself, together make the impact you leave on others.
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Love your life series III – Groom Bright

A night of good sleep and nutritious food will make you healthy. How about looking bright as well?
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healthy way of eating

Small moves can be adapted into diet

We are very aversive to diet plans as most of the time it forces us to refrain from the food, we love to have. Normally diet plans look very boring and tasteless. We force ourselves to start with the plan, but after a short period, we are not able to follow it. Point to note is that anything we are forced to do does not persist. Hence, I will suggest some small changes, which will not compel you to change your diet but will have significant benefits.
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healthy eating habits

Easy ways to eat healthy

A healthy way of eating is not only having a nutritious diet, but also the way you eat. It involves your mealtimes as well as eating habits.
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Effects of unhealthy eating habits

Did you ever give a thought to the food that you eat every day? There are a lot of people who are conscious about their health and diet. They think that they are eating healthy food, but the reality is contrary.
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LOVE YOUR LIFE Series II – Nutrition and Diet

In the first step of LOVE YOUR LIFE series, I have tried to help you improve your sleeping habits. This would make you calm and composed enough to start focusing on your diet and nutrition which is very significant to feel happy and energetic. Your nutritional and dietary habits affect your looks, feelings, thoughts, and behavior.
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I appreciate your feedback!!!

Dear readers,   As you know, we focused on SLEEP as a part of LOVE YOUR LIFE series.
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Take a break!!!

I had long meetings yesterday and felt very tired at the end of it. I felt like putting in front of me a board that will have written “Temporarily closed for maintenance.” 🙁
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Tips to get better sleep

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything. – An Irish proverb So true!!!
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Are you getting sleep issues?

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker   But what do we generally do? Toss and turn at night instead of sleeping?  Worry about the petty chores or questioning your career choice?  We have been losing sleep over big and small problems and then wake up in an even worse mood.  So, folks, it is time to switch gears, get some happy vibes – and then get some good and sound sleep.
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