Sharad navratri day 8

Navratri Eighth Day 2023

Eighth day of navratri puja is also known as Maha Pooja during Navratri. The eight day of Navratri or Ashtami is dedicated to Goddess Mahagauri, who is the eighth Avatar of nine goddess. She is the wife of lord Shiva. Her name denotes, why she is called by the name Mahagauri, “Maha” means extreme or great and “Gauri” means white complexion. She has the extreme white complexion like moon or snow. Goddess Mahagauri has other names also which are Shwetambardhara, Vrisharudha, Chaturbhuji and Shambhavi. The reasons behind these names are, she dressed white cloths so called as “Shwetambardhara”, rides the bull so known as “Vrisharudha” and have four hands so knows as “Chaturbhuji”.

About Maa Mahagauri

Navratri 8th day is one of the most important days of navratri. This year, it will be celebrated on October 3, 2022 i.e. on Monday. To defend God from the cruel, Goddess Mahagauri demolishes the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh on this day.

According to mythology, legend says that Parvati want to get lord Shiva as her husband so she left all the comforts of the palace and started the tough penance in the forest. While performing the severe penance for many years, Parvati’s body turned black due to dust, soil and leaves of trees. At the last, lord Shiva pleased with her hard penance and blessed her that he would marry to her. Lord Shiva cleaned the goddess Parvati with the sacred water of holy Ganga. All the dust, soil and dirt were washed away from the body of Goddess Parvati and she got the extremely white complexion. Thus Goddess Parvati is also known as Mahagauri.

The devotees should perform the eighth day of Navratri puja with huge devotion and pure mind so that Devi Mahagauri fullfills all their desires. Devi Maha Gauri vanishes all the previous sins and wrong deeds of the devotees and purifies their life. Devi Maa leads them to the path of truth and happiness.

She is extremely beautiful and have fair (White as snow) complexion. Devi Mahagauri’s procession (Sawari) is white bull (vrishabha), dressed white cloths or green cloths and adorned white ornaments. She is portrayed with three eyes and four hands. In her lower right hand, she holds a trident (Trishul) while upper right hand is in the form of allaying fear. Her left upper hand holds a Damaru while lower left hand is in the pose of blessing to devotees. She is the symbol of purity, calmness and tranquillity and represents the wisdom. She has the power to turn impossible things into possible.

NAVRATRI DAY 8 DATE 22 October, 2023
TITHI Ashtami
OTHER NAMES Swethambardhara, Shambhavi, Vrisharudha, Chaturbhuji
COLOR Red/ Maroon/ Purple
BHOG Coconut
CHAKRA Sahasrara (Crown)
DONATION (DAAN) Seven Grains
WEAPON Trident, Damaru (Tambourine), Abhayamudra, Varadamudra
NAVDURGA – AVATAR Eighth Incarnation of Goddess Durga
MANTRA ॐ देवी महागौर्यै नमः॥ – Om Devi Mahagauryai Namah॥
SIBLINGS Vishnu, Ganga

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