Sharad Navratri Day 2

Navratri Second Day 2023

On the second day of Navratri festival, the devotees worship goddess Brahmacharini, who is one of the nine forms of goddess Durga. This day is meant to signify the pinnacle of piousness. The goddess Brahmacharini wears white saree with light orange shaded border, holding Kamandal or water pot in one hand and Rosary in the other. The persons who worship Maa Brahmacharini with full devotion, do fast and chant mantras during second day, blessed with success, wisdom and knowledge.

About Maa Brahmacharini

In childhood, Devrishi Narad came to her and predicted that she will get married to Lord Shiva because of her connection with him from the previous birth as Sati. From there on, she went to seek penance and did Tapasya for hundreds of years without eating much. Ultimately, her wish was granted and Lord Shiva accepted her as his Consort. This is the reason that Goddess Durga became famous as Brahmacharni, which means the lady undergoing hard penance to seek her wish come true.


NAVRATRI DAY 2 DATE 16 October, 2023
TITHI Dwitiya
SECOND DAY GODDESS Maa Brahmacharini
OTHER NAMES Parvati, Uma, Aparna, Patlabati
FLOWER Shevanti
BHOG Sugar
CHAKRA Swathisthana (Sacral)
MOUNT Bare Foot
WEAPON Kamandal, Japa Mala (Rosary)
NAVDURGA – AVATAR Second Incarnation of Goddess Durga
MANTRA ॐ देवी ब्रह्मचारिण्यै नमः॥ – Om Devi Brahmacharinyai Namah॥

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