Happy New Year 2021!

I had a full fun night yesterday on New Year’s Eve, and the celebration to welcome the New Year continues. Before I go into forget the past and look ahead to the future mode, I just thought to write this blog post.

Resurrecting the year 2020, in February, when one of my assignments was getting completed, the pandemic started. With the hustle-bustle of ensuring continuity of work and working from home becoming the new normal, I got a breather for a couple of months till my new assignment started in May. I had been thinking of starting my blog for quite some time. And this time was perfect to start. I had some time to think and I also needed to have a getaway from the adverse neurological effects of COVID-19.

This is how love-thy-life started 🙂 and from then on, there is no looking back!!! Even though the site is still in its baby stage, it has attracted viewers from 89 countries!!!

I do not even know what I planned to say in this post. But I definitely want to say a HUGE thank you for such an amazing year! I will say it again! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your support, comments, and kind words mean so much, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am.

One thing about blogging – most of it is done on my own, in a quiet room, lonesome and far away from the people who are viewing. So, receiving and reading every single comment, on every single platform is what makes the whole experience complete. It creates a conversation. It is just so validating to hear other people’s thoughts and to know I am not alone with these perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts!

Few more things before I sign off on 2020 🙂 Here are some things that I have learned this year…

Getting some free time is not bad

People sometimes think it is important to always be busy and to have plans etc. But sometimes being locked down is good. In moments like this, brilliant ideas are born, necessary admin in your life is handled. You can take a step back and direct your energy in its full where it matters. Embrace this time and see where it takes you!

Opinions cannot define you

Just because someone somewhere says you are not good enough does not make it through. You should not falter on such views and change your path of action. Continue if you are convinced that you are right, and opinions will change in course of time.


When you are working hard on something you believe in, persevere. People may tell you that your ideas are crappy. But if you know there is something special in them, persevere. Push through all the lousy stuff that gets thrown at you. I say this because this year, I have seen so many people, after years of rejection, chose to persevere. Finally, they achieved the goals that people never thought possible for them. The difference between success and failure is that perseverance.

Learn to put yourself in other’s shoes

Like literally think, “What is going through their heads right now, and how would I react if that was me?”. It is one of the most basic things to do, and yet it is something most of us do not do instinctively. Bringing in a different perspective does not have to change yours. It will, however, make you a much more well-rounded individual. And help you to approach problems in ways most people would not. This helps in building and managing relationships a lot.


Okay, I can go on and on about this stuff but let me just stop here! Thank you once again for all your help and support this year! Happy New Year to you, your friends and family!

Here is a cheer to 2021.

May this year make this world a better place to live in.

May this year make us better people to live with.


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