OMBRE nail design – Elevate your look!!!

Plain single shades are out of style now.

Why settle for single shades when you can look more elegant by adding just one more shade?

Ombre nail designs completely transform you are your look and make you look more stylish.

Ombre means having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

And as Ombre literally means in involves 2 or more colors graduating into each other.


These are a few popular combinations of colors used for ombre:

For summer and beach try cool subtle colors like White, aqua blue, light yellow, light pink, aqua green, light brown, etc. Mostly matte colors suit this ambiance.

For professionals in formals, the same color dark to light matching your attire is the best. It is vibrant but elegant. For black and grey formals, you can try black or grey with white.

Going to the party? It is time for some vibrant colors. Try to match with your attire with a vibrant tone and with some glitter on top. Looks lovely. Popular vibrant combinations are red, violet, or purple with black.

Winter look predominantly uses white with light blue or light pink glossy colors with low toned glitters. You can also go for transparent nail color with white, blue, or pink and glittered at the tip of the nail.

The simple classy look involves single light or white color shades shading half of the nail body.

Here we are showing you how to create a simple ombre design.


Once you learn just freak out and create your own color combinations!!!

Here are some designs which I loved

18 beautiful ombre nail designs

Happy shading!!!


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