Reading book – A good habit for kids

I remember when I was a kid reading storybooks and comics was very common in kids. We did not have so many gadgets and channels. Nowadays, hard paperback books are replaced by online versions.

But still reading books has its own charm and can be very engaging.

With COVID 19 making everybody stay at home, introducing kids into this habit can be a beautiful way of engaging them.

You can even get them into reading editorial pages of newspapers.

I remember one of my friend’s family there used to be a fight amongst the siblings on who will read the newspaper first. I also used to continue reading the whole storybook till it got over.

Reading books boost your imagination to a very great extent as you start imagining the fiction in your mind. There has been a lot of times when I have seen the movie based on a book which I have read earlier and have not liked it as my imagination was far better than the movie picturization.

Every child is different and has their own choice, hence do not force the books on them. Most of the times the reason kids do not like their books is that they have not found the right one. Expose them to a variety and let them engage themselves in the books they like. Every kids’ book is good and has a lot of information and vocabulary for learning. There can be different types of books on a specific topic. Like if your child likes space, you can have comics, fiction, and facts based on space and you can expose your child to those books.

After they read the books you can discuss the book with them, ask them what they learned, let them experiment or let them tell you the story.

So many advantages you get!

Get into the good reading habit!!!

You can engage your kids, improve their reading and speaking skills, improve their vocabulary and introduce them to the world of knowledge.

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