Shading – Give life to shapes

Shading gives life to your line drawings. You can transform a circle to a ball or orange by adding light and shadow to it.

The most important factor to do effective shading is to understand the behavior of light. I will explain to you how to understand the behavior of light when we shade a full object. In this session, we will focus on the other factors which are

  • Use Pressure control to create different shades.
  • How to shade smoothly?

Pressure Control:

The shading looks convincing when it’s done in a continuous series from light to dark by gradually increasing the pressure. The harder you press the pencil the darker the shade will be.

Shading can be done with any pencil, but it looks proper when it’s done using the B series pencils ranging from 2B to 8B.

Smooth shading:

If you can control the pressure on your pencil but the lines of shade are pointed and separated, the effect of shading is adverse.

So the blunter the lines and the more they are continuous and closer to each other, the more realistic is the effect.

The steps to practice shading is in the video tutorial below.

This needs to be practiced until you are confidently and comfortably able to do it.

Keep practicing till I see you in the next session where I will help you to draw lines and curves with free hand!!!

Your Arty Doser

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