Dealing with my cuddly chatterbox

“Mummy, you know what my friend did today? …..”

And my chatterbox will go on and on once she is back from school. Sometimes I lose my patience and sometimes I manage to listen to her patiently till she remembers that she is hungry 🙂

While my elder one has always been a quiet kid, the younger is just the opposite.

Though we all miss her when she is away, her chatter tests our patience to the extreme.

Quite a few of us would be having such a kid and would be thinking how to handle them.

First, understand the having a talkative kid has a lot of advantages.

They will be very communicative, have good public speaking skills and will always be able to express themselves in the future. These are very important skills to have.

Hence, we should never discourage them from being talkative, but just guide them to control themselves in some situations.

Explain them and make them understand not to

  • Talk to strangers in our absence
  • Blurt out too much family talk in front of outsiders
  • Lose control of what they talk with relatives and friends

My chatterbox makes my home energetic and is lovable in the whole neighborhood.

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