Dealing with teenagers

Teenagers go through a lot of experiences the first time in their life with full consciousness.

Hence, it’s obvious that most of the times they do not know how to react in certain situations. This makes them confused and sometimes agitated. As they are in the cusp of childhood and adulthood, they feel they know everything better than others and they are right in their reaction while they are not most of the time. Moreover, they do not prefer to open up to their parents anymore, they become closer to their friends.

We all have gone through this stage in our lives and we try to use this experience to help our teenagers. But what we forget is we are dealing with a different person having a different problem and in a different generation.

Hence friends, here no specific methodology will work.

My daughter is in her teens and when observed changes in her behavior, I started worrying as any mother would. But instead of interpreting on my own and reacting, I preferred to take a while to understand her.

It just happened that one day on a weekend I went on a stroll with her alone. We talked on almost everything under the world and enjoyed the talk also. I understood what’s going on in her mind and that was a relief.

Few aspects that I learned from my experience as a parent of a teenager,

  • Have patience and be a good listener
  • Give them some space to try, it’s OK if they fail, you are anyways behind them to help them come out of it.
  • Be assertive, not authoritative
  • Share your problems also, they like to be treated as grown-ups.
  • Be always alert and conscious of their behavior, so that you know when something is wrong

I will keep sharing some more experiences in course of time…

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