A walk with nature

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. For going out… is really going in.” –John Muir


First dose…. Let’s spend some time with nature daily.

Every moment with nature is filled with surprises. But we have a tendency to ignore it most of the times.


Have you ever tried to?

Move with the butterfly leaf to leaf, flower to flower, plant to plant…

Run your eyes through the water flowing cris-crossing through pebbles, stones, trenches…

Observe a squirrel as it climbs up and down on trees, moves here and there…

Feel the breeze as it sways around making the trees dance to its tunes…


Let’s try to have that keen eye to observe the tiny intricacies.


A daily walk with nature

will broaden our view and help us to see life in a better way,

will help us not to worry about the past,

will make us understand not to race to future,

but be in the present and

take time and enjoy the journey,

let go of our worries

and get back to basics.


Hope you liked the first dose 🙂

Yours truly,

Daily Doser

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