Hobbies to soothe your mind, and be off to sleep

Are multiple thoughts going on in your mind?

Is your heart racing?

Are you thinking of all the things that you have to do tomorrow?

How will you sleep then?

These thoughts will keep increasing your stress levels and deprive you of your sleep.

So why not do some activity which will calm you down, and will move these thoughts out of your mind for a while.

Spend some time before sleep on your hobbies. It is a win-win situation. You spend some time doing what you like as well as relax your mind and body.

These are a few hobbies which are good to spend time on before sleep. As far as hobbies which energize you are concerned, keep them for the start of the day.

There are 2 kinds of activities which make you sleepy:

  • Those which are monotonous to do, hence do not require your brain to work much
  • Those which involve less physical activity and calm surroundings.

I will share a few of these hobbies with you. Spend some time engaging yourselves in these and see how it helps!!!


Listening to music

If you are a music lover, this is one of the best things to do before sleep. But make sure you listen to soothing music instead of loud ones. Musical rhythms will relax both your mind and body. Make sure you are only listening not viewing them on screen. The monotone flow of the soothing music will make you asleep in no time!!!


Sing or play music

If you are a musician or a singer yourself, then great!!! There is nothing better, sing couple fo songs or play some music. This will immensely calm you and make you feel relaxed. Then you can have a good night’s sleep !!!



Read whatever you like. Be it poetry or a story, it calms your mind, helps you to forget all the disturbing thoughts. Do not read from a device. Either read an audible story or read from a book. Reading can pull your mind into it and you get into the book world within no time.

It relaxes you a lot and makes you feel sleepy very fast.

A night walk

Going for a relaxing walk after dinner brings you closer to nature and relaxes you. It gives you some time to retrospect as well.

It will make you a little tired and calm your mind. Perfect state to go to sleep 🙂



If you are a gym and exercise fan, do it in the early evening after work. It will relax your mind and make you feel fresh. It is very good if done sometime before dinner.

You can do light meditation as well to relax your mind.



Writing down your worries and anticipations helps you vent out your worries to the journal. You can pen down what you did today and make a to-do list for tomorrow. Then forget about it and go to sleep 🙂

This will help you sleep better and have an undisturbed sleep!!!

While there are lot of other factors that affect your sleep and help you sleep better, hobbies are a good food for your mind as well.

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” — E. Joseph Cossman

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