Take a break!!!

I had long meetings yesterday and felt very tired at the end of it.

I felt like putting in front of me a board that will have written “Temporarily closed for maintenance.” 🙁

We need that, sometimes, right?

And what did I do?

Chit chatted with the family… I love it when my younger one just dumps herself on me. It feels as though all the pain of my world is gone.

I did not feel like cooking a proper dinner. It was too late anyway.

So, we decided to have noodles, fast to cook, fun to eat.

As I love to experiment, I decided to make a twist there.

I made noodles with biryani flavor!!!  (I will share the recipe and my typical variations in some time…)

Kids loved it of course 🙂


So, my lovely readers,

“Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break.”


Hit the pause button,

Move away from the marathon.

It’s your life.

It cannot be a checklist and to-dos’ hive.

Take a small walk.

Have a tiny talk.

Let music soothe you.

Let worries leave you.

Give yourself a break.

And next morning you will be fresh awake.

To face the worries of the world,

Positive, upright, and bold…


March ahead and Love your Life!!!



  1. Felt relaxed after reading this blog. Thank you 🙂

    • Ha Ha yeah. Sometimes its necessary 🙂

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