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healthy eating habits

A healthy way of eating is not only having a nutritious diet, but also the way you eat. It involves your mealtimes as well as eating habits.

We always desire to have a healthy way of eating. To nourish your body with the nutrition we need to feel good. But then actually figuring out how to eat healthy, or healthier, is not always so clear. It confuses us sometimes.

There is a lot of information, out there which is sometimes misleading as well. Our diet also involves personal, cultural, and socioeconomic factors. These must be taken into account to create a healthy diet for any one individual. Pushing restriction and being perceptive on a diet plan makes it difficult to follow. Perceptions like healthy eating leading to lose weight is a big misconception.

So, if you’re a little lost on how to eat healthily, it is OK. Best tips on healthy eating are flexible and empowering, instead of rigid and punishing. Practical and easy tips can make it easier for people to enrich and diversify the nutrition in their diets. You can make your own delicious, satisfying meals as well as cultivate a more peaceful and enjoyable relationship with food and eating. Here are the tips that speak to you. Add them to your very own one-of-a-kind healthy eating tool chest.

Let us see how we can improve your health without changing your diet. Here are some easy ways to eat healthy. You can easily do this by taking these small steps.


Eat slowly

An important aspect of modern life is the lack of time for anything and everything. In this haste to do multiple acts, most of the time it is the mealtime that takes a hit.

This leads to overeating and dissatisfaction. When you eat fast, the hormones do not get enough time to communicate with the brain. By the time brain sends the message that you are no more hungry, you have already consumed more than required.

Moreover, if you eat fast the digestive tract does not get enough time to digest your food properly. Hence, take these small steps while eating your food, and you will be surprised to see the change in your health.

  • Eat slowly, and chew more
  • Focus on food while eating and enjoy your food.
  • Eat smaller portions at a time
  • Try to eat with family or friends to increase your mealtime


Avoid crazy shopping

I have always been a scapegoat when it comes to crazy shopping. Whether it be buying online or going to a mart, new attractive brands and on sale items always attract us. And we end up shopping more than required. This leads to a chain of actions, from cooking new recipes to utilize these products to wastage of products which have less life. This leads to the consumption of unhealthy food as well. Here are a few tips for you which will help you save money, save food, and save your health as well.

  • Do not shop when you are hungry. You will tend to buy more things.
  • Avoid buying more quantity merely for an offer or discount.
  • Check for quality, not brand or price.
  • Shop with a planned list. This will help you restrict your shopping cart.

Shop efficiently and eat efficiently.


Drink more water

The human body contains 60% water. Hence drinking water keeps the body hydrated and smoothens the digestion. Drinking water before having food reduces your appetite and helps in the digestion of the food. Drinking water at the right time can work wonders. Here are a few tips.

  • After waking up​: Drinking water after waking up in the morning helps remove toxins.
  • Before and after a meal: Drinking water half an hour before a meal helps in digestion and reduces overeating. We normally drink water immediately after meals. We should not do this, as it will dilute the digestive juices. Drink water after an hour of having your meal, and it will help the body to absorb the nutrients.
  • Before a bath: Drinking water before taking a bath helps lower blood pressure.
  • Before sleep: Drink one glass of water an hour before bedtime to replenish any fluid loss that can occur during the night.


Cook at home

When we cook at home, it is either cooked or monitored by a family member who is conscious of the family’s health.

On the other hand, if the food is from a restaurant, the focus is taste and business profit rather than the health of the customer. This shows the benefit of cooking at home. We take care of the quality of ingredients we use and try to balance the amount of fat and oils used in cooking.


Do not mix mealtime with screen time

From watching our favorite reality show to responding to an official email, we try to do multiple things while having our food. When your focus is somewhere else while eating, you will not chew your food properly, and you will tend to overeat as well.

Instead, treat mealtimes as family time and eat with your family.


Adjust sleep time

I have shared with you in my blog posts about SLEEP, the fact that there should be a gap between your dinner and your sleep time. Dinner should be light and less on fat content because your digestive system needs some rest at night. If you sleep immediately after food, you will have sleep latency and digestion issues. This will impact your health negatively.


If you observe these steps even without changing your regular diet, you will observe significant changes in your health. You will feel healthy and energetic. Take slow and steady steps to the way of healthy eating. Do not change your diet significantly, as it is not sustainable, and it will impact your regular daily tasks and way of living. Then you will not be able to sustain the changes, and you will tend to go back to your old food habits.

As they say slow and steady wins the race!!!

Be healthy and safe!!!

In my next post, I will give you some tips on the food you eat, observing which you can achieve a lot with minimum changes.

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