Learn to draw for beginners

Dear readers,

Summer is on and we are all locked at home.

This year there will be no hobby classes and no summer camps.

So why not learn your hobby from home?

I am going to kick start learn to draw for beginners and start teaching art step by step.

While the fun activities will be to engage small kids, the art classes will be for high school kids and adults.

Most of the art classes teach you very specifics while I will teach you the skills and let your arty mind wander. I feel every individual has his or her innovative thoughts and skills and its good not to mold it. I will teach you the skill and then let you do the art using that skill. We will then share our art and learn from each other. Here is what I have in store for you.

Step by step learn to draw for beginners will unravel the techniques which will help you draw in a better way.

Hope you all enjoy the journey to the world of art.

In the first session I will show you how to shade!!!


Arty Doser

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