LOVE YOUR LIFE Series II – Nutrition and Diet

In the first step of LOVE YOUR LIFE series, I have tried to help you improve your sleeping habits. This would make you calm and composed enough to start focusing on your diet and nutrition which is very significant to feel happy and energetic.

Your nutritional and dietary habits affect your looks, feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

The second and very important step is to have the optimum quality and quantity of food. A healthy and nutritious diet will keep you energetic and on the go. It will help you to start looking forward to life. Nutritious food has the right balance of basic nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This helps strengthen your immune system as well as to be away from diseases.

In this series, I have first explained how an unhealthy diet affects your life processes. This will make you start thinking seriously about the food that you eat now. You will understand where you need to improve.

There are already a lot of write-ups and diet coaches available at the touch of a button. Hence, I will not try to prescribe you a balanced diet. I know, it is difficult to change your food habits 🙂 Instead, I have given you some easy and interesting tips on how to make your current diet healthy with tiny twists. This will neither increase your effort of cooking nor will affect your taste buds. I am here to make your life better, so how can I make it grueling for you by making you have food that you do not like? 🙂

I just love trying out new dishes. I will share a few interesting and tasty recipes that you can try as part of your healthy diet.

In general, we consider having fatty, oily, and junk food as an unhealthy diet. But this is not the only aspect. We can be suffering from malnutrition of some basic nutrients. I have shared some tips on how to adapt to a healthy diet.

As parents, we are always freaky about our children’s diet. As the child grows from a baby to a toddler to a teen, the body’s need for nutrients varies. In my perception, every child is different and has unique nutritional needs according to his or her body composition. But still, some common nutritional needs should be fulfilled as they grow. But children fret if we force them to have food which they do not like. Instead, why let them have tasty food which is healthy too!!! I have shared some easy tips on how you can make your child’s diet nutritious with small changes.

Diet affects our minds too. How about some drinks which will help you to move away from depression and anger? You will love it!!!

Finally, we will have some fun with food and have food for fun!!! How about making cooking your hobby?

Hope you enjoy reading for yourself as much I enjoy writing for you!!!


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