Tiny love stories – Realization

“Would he really remember?” I thought.

It was Valentine’s day. As every woman would think of it, I too hoped that my husband would wish me and may have a surprise as well!

I and Amogh were married for five years now. It had been a roller coaster ride for both of us. The humps on the road became bigger and bigger as the years went by.

The condition in which our relationship was, reduced the chances of my wishful hope. The thought of our regular fights made me bitter as well. “Would he care to wish me?”, this thought kept trying its best to subside my wishful thinking.

While I was in this confused state of mind, I continued with my cooking. My wishful thoughts had pushed me to cook his favorite dish. Amogh always was delighted when he had biryani made by me. So, this was my way of avoiding another tussle.

It was 8pm in the night when the phone rang. I apprehensively went to pick up the phone, thinking my husband would have called. Maybe he had some plan! But it was an unknown number. Still, I picked up. “Hello!”, I initiated. “Is this Mr. Amogh Khanna’s residence?”, a deep and loud voice asked. It seemed he was calling from a busy place. I could hear honks, running vehicles, and a lot of other noises. “Yes,” I responded, asking him to go on. “May I know who’s speaking?” he asked. “ I am his wife. Please tell me what it is?” I anxiously asked. “Ma’am, there has been an accident, and we have found Mr. Amogh’s wallet near the dead body. I am very sorry. “, he blurted. I was dumbfounded, shocked, feeling like it was the end of the world. “You will have to come and identify the body; Ma’am are you there? Can you come ?” he continued.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and brought me back to the real world. The man continued asking me while I went to open the door.

And I got one more shock. Or should I call it a surprise! I dropped the phone and was trembling.

It was Amogh!!! He was standing there, worried and upset. I literally embraced him in excitement. He was grumbling. “I lost my wallet when I went to buy a bouquet for you. There was so much rush there. I think the wallet got stolen there. And why did you drop the phone? What happened?” The phone had fallen and got disconnected.

I did not want to hear anything. My realization of love was my Valentine’s day gift!



  1. Fantastic realization 👍

    • thanks Dhanashree 🙂

  2. Wow!!! Beautiful story ..well written !! It tks u to the other side of the story n suddenly U turn!! Awesome 👍🏻

    • Thanks 🙂 Could you add your name please.

  3. Wonderful story

    • thanks Rohini 🙂

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  5. Was so much moved…beautifully written

    • thanks, it would be great to know who you are 🙂

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