Tiny love stories – Wrong connection

That day while I was calling different clients, I dialed the wrong number.

I asked, “Mr. Anubhav?”. A deep voice responded, “No! Who do you want to talk to? I was a little taken aback. So, I asked,” Is this ****-***-8993?” And he denied telling, “No, it’s ****-***-8893. I think you dialed the wrong number. I apologized, but I did not want to hang up. I wanted to hear the voice more, so I continued, “OH Sorry! Anyways, may I know your name, please?

And he disconnected…. It was a deep and beautiful voice. I was so mesmerized that I saved his number as Mr. Stranger!

I started forwarding random WhatsApp messages to him.  Never got a response. As days passed by, I too got used to it, and he became one of those contacts to whom I would send regular forwards.

Almost after a month, one day, I was just browsing through my phonebook when I came across this contact. I gave him a call.  He picked up and told, “Hello!” I sweetly responded,” Hello! Mr. Stranger.” Obviously, he was surprised. Who would like to be called like that? He asked,” Excuse me! Do I know you? “I teased,” Do you have a name?” And finally, I succeeded to amuse him. He laughed and asked, “Do you have one?”. I continued laughing, “Monica, now tell me yours.” Strangely, he paused for a while. I do not know why? After a while, he responded, “Anubhav”.  And we chatted for a while.

I am an avid reader, so I talked about books. My favorite writers. Recent new fiction by Amar Sahni, an amateur writer. I was completely in love with his book. Anubhav was an excellent storyteller. In every situation, he would carve a story out of it. I just loved it. In fact, one day, I told Anubhav that he sounds like Amar Sahni. How lovely it would be if he was also a writer.

And thus, stroked our friendship. We kept on talking on the phone for quite some time. It was such a lovely feeling. Then one day in January 2005 we thought why not meet up!

We met on Valentine’s day…

And I cannot say I was surprised or shocked. Angry or happy. You know who he was? He was not Anubhav! He just used the fictitious name to hide from me. He was the writer, Amar Sahni!!!

The next year I got married to my Mr. Stranger 🙂

Nowadays, when I dial a wrong connection, I muse as I think of how a small incident can change our lives.

So, dear friends, value such incidents. You never know, it can change your life. And may be it can help you meet your Valentine!!!


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