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Best drinks to sleep better

Had dinner a couple of hours before sleep? You feel a little hungry and want to drink or munch something. Usually, you would opt for a hot cup of cocoa or coffee or munch chocolate or have cuppa noodles. These food items though tasty, will disturb your sleep.
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Tips to get better sleep

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything. – An Irish proverb So true!!!
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Are you getting sleep issues?

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker   But what do we generally do? Toss and turn at night instead of sleeping?  Worry about the petty chores or questioning your career choice?  We have been losing sleep over big and small problems and then wake up in an even worse mood.  So, folks, it is time to switch gears, get some happy vibes – and then get some good and sound sleep.
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As mentioned in my introduction to “LOVE YOUR LIFE”, I will open your eyes to different aspects that will make your life better. First we will focus on SLEEP.
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Best French toast recipe

French toast is normally sweet and is a common breakfast dish. But sometimes we do not want to have a sweet breakfast.
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Feeling dejected? Want a change?
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Understand the shadow

You have drawn properly yet; the object is not realistic? Is the three-dimensional effect not showing up? The reason could be the shade of the object. While lines and curves create proportions, the shades create the form of the objects.
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Polka dots – Make a point

Want to catch attention instantly? Then decorate your nails!!! Paint your nails to match your mood, attire, occasion, or season. Paint it funky or paint it elegant and stand out in the crowd. Let us try the polka dots to decorate your nails. These designs are easy to do, and you can create unique designs of your own.
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Freehand – Draw lines and curves

First, I want to apologize for coming back to you after a gap longer than expected. Too many things to do at a time 🙁 Hope by now you all have gained expertise in shading. If you are having any questions, please comment on the last post and I will respond back. You can also share what you have tried by mailing to [email protected].  
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Take care of your nails

When it comes to taking care of yourself, nails normally get overlooked. Before we start instructing you about nail art, let us pay some attention to the nails and keep them healthy and strong.
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