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Shading – Give life to shapes

Shading gives life to your line drawings. You can transform a circle to a ball or orange by adding light and shadow to it. The most important factor to do effective shading is to understand the behavior of light. I will explain to you how to understand the behavior of light when we shade a full object. In this session, we will focus on the other factors which are Use Pressure control to create different shades. How to shade smoothly?
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Learn to draw for beginners

Dear readers, Summer is on and we are all locked at home. This year there will be no hobby classes and no summer camps. So why not learn your hobby from home? I am going to kick start learn to draw for beginners and start teaching art step by step.
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Handling possessive kids

Toddler siblings: “Mummy this doll is mine; I will not give it to sister” Toddler Friends: “This is my car. You cannot play with it.” Adolescent siblings: “How can you wear my dress?”
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Tea-time with cakes and muffins

The famous quote “Stressed spelled backward is Desserts “, is so true, especially for people who have a sweet tooth like me. So here I am with a very easy and simple recipe for the most famous dessert, cakes, and muffins. But this is a very common recipe, then why am I presenting it here again? I am going to show you how you can create variations with different flavors by changing just a couple of ingredients. There are some ingredients that form the base batter and the rest are added for flavor.
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Tangy and aromatic raw mango biryani

Biryani and raw mango, both are known for their distinct aroma and taste. Both have an immense fan following. You would be thinking why I have tried to combine both when they are poles apart. It is difficult to imagine but the dish came out to be amazing. I have tried to maintain the authenticity of both the nostalgia while ensuring they are exquisitely blended. The biryani is made of subtle spices to keep the aroma and taste of raw mango prominent.
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Healthy green french beans

Green beans also are known as French beans, string beans or snap beans is a nice crunchy low-calorie food rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Silicon (good for healthy bones, skin and hair) However, most of the time its hidden being part of mixed vegetables in dishes like fried rice, noodles, pasta, salad or soup. And if not, its stir-fried, sauteed or gravy version is not very popular. So, I thought why not bring the green bean dishes into the popular exotic category.
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An age-old therapy Benzoin Resin

A whiff of Benzoin Resin mesmerizes the ambiance of our home in minutes. Also known as Yellow Resin, Sambrani, Loban in different parts of the world, it is a very well-known fumigating agent. With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is an excellent cure for respiratory ailments. As COVID 19 is spreading exponentially, fumigating our homes with Benzoin Resin will help us keep our homes disinfected.
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